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Swimming Pool Pumps - An overview

The swimming pool pump is an integral component of any pool set up. The proper choice of equipment matters a great deal. Don’t let someone talk you into thinking that you can purchase just about any pump and expect to be happy with the results.

The job of a swimming pool pump is to make sure that the pool water can be circulated as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.  You can achieve this by making sure your purchase is especially designed for the job.

swimming pool pumpMaintaining a pool involves more than just acquiring the machinery that pumps the water at an efficient rate.  There are other factors that must be considered to optimize your effort, and expenses with regards to pool maintenance.

When considering a pump for your set up, keep in mind the following.  You will need to make sure that the pump you purchase can perform the requisite functions in order to meet the specific needs for your swimming pool.

The right pool pump for the right pool

Swimming pool pumps can consume a lot of electricity.  In more exact terms, they cost almost as much as the air-conditioning expenses for a household. Most pumps produce around .75 horsepower which represents a significant consumption of energy. While you cannot really avoid using the pump, you can at least plan its usage for optimum efficiency.

First of all, make sure the pump capacity matches your pools volume. Some people purchase pumps that are overkill for their pools. And some buy pumps that are too weak for their pools. This has the unfortunate effect of increasing expenses.

The best thing to do is to get a pump that optimizes power and duration so that you can get your pool filtered in as little time as possible with as little horsepower as needed.

Pump functions

Aside from the added hp, a suitable pump should also have some requisite functions to make sure that it performs in an optimized manner.  Timer and regulator functions are desirable for maximising efficiency.

Various pumps are designed for differing uses - circulating water for filtering and, or heating. When visiting a pool equipment shop you should take with you the specific usage, dimensions, volume, and environment of your pool area.

Get the right pump.

Not all pumps are created equal. Established names in pump motors like Intex, Aqua leisure, and Hayward have developed great technology to make their pumps more efficient. You may want to consider these name brands when choosing a specific model for you pool.

Hayward Pool Supplies

It pays to play with the best, and Hayward pool pumps are tops in their class.  With every pump you purchase from Hayward, you're getting over 80 years of swimming pool pump experience.

Hayward Pool Supplies was established in the 1920s and continues to provide the industry with ground breaking and innovative pool equipment.  Not only do they deal in pumps, they also produce quality filters, heating pumps, and other supplies for every pool type imaginable.

Intex Pool Supplies

Intex Recreational Corporation has been in the swimming pool business for over 40 years.  They specialize in pretty much anything that deals with water recreations.

Aside from making great inflatable pools, swimming gear, pool toys, pool beds, and other accessories, they are best known for their high quality swimming pool pumps.  Intex boasts of a dizzying array of pumps for every need.


Buying the right pump is step one, and using it properly is step two. If you get both right, you stand to save yourself a great deal of effort and money on your swimming pool expenses.


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