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What is a Sump pump cover, and why do I need one?

Home building and insurance experts estimate that about 85% of all homes in the United States alone encounter a flooded basement at one point or another during the lifetime of the home. A sump pump and cover is standard equipment, and is in charge of preventing water build-up which is common in basements.

Flooding has always been a problem for homes equipped with a basement. Usually, the basement is used as storage room where sentimental irreplaceable items or other rarely used equipment is stored. Many basements are converted into living space, but either way, any property located in a basement is subject to damage or ruin from even minor flooding.

The sump pump was invented and introduced to the New England area decades ago to address the problem of minor basement flooding. Although it clearly solved the problem, it also caused other problems as well. Homeowners would question the safety of the pump installed without a cover in their basement. In addition, small critters such as mice would tend to get caught in the sump pit and drown - not to pleasant to clean up.

To address these problems, manufacturers started making sump pump covers available.

These covers provide extra security to prevent anyone from accidentally touching or stepping on the sum system. The function of the sump is also ensured because a cover make sure no foreign objects, that might adversely affect the overall function, get into the system.

Where to get those sump pump covers? Several systems are already sold with complete accessories, including the cover. However, there are sump pump covers that are separately sold at the specialty home solutions stores.

In the United States, it is a standard that sump pumps are sold with accompanying covers. The practice is not common at markets in other parts of the globe. But as a guideline, sump pump covers need not be really expensive. It's a simple item with a simple job.

Since a sump system can actually function quite well without a cover, it can be tempting to forgo installation of the cover when the pump is serviced or replaced. Homeowners need to be meticulous about making sure they have the cover installed for the protection of their smaller pets in the event that they accidentally get into the basement, where the sump pump is located.


So far, we've talked mostly about using the sump pump cover to keep small critters or items out of the sump. But human safety is addressed with a pump cover too. Sump pumps typically use household electricity, or electricity coming from and emergency generator. A cover protects against inherent risk of electrocution.

The main principle of utilizing the sump pump is to maintain overall safety and good condition of the house, particularly the basement. A protective covering helps to make sure nothing in they system is compromised so it can do it's job - to prevent basement flooding.

Sump pump covers also help make keep dust out so your sump pump lasts longer. Replacing a sump pump is a significant investment. Addition of a sump pump cover can help keep the pump cooler by keeping dust away, leading to a longer life span of the system - so make sure you've got one.


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