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Furnace filters

Cheap disposable or expensive anti allergen

You can spend a little or a lot on replacement furnace filters

If your home has a central air system for heating or cooling, it now doubt has a filter. The job of a furnace filter is to remove air born particles from the air before entering the system. A dirty filter can reduce the efficiency of your system, and that costs you money.

The 3M Ultra Allergen Filter is believed to be a breakthrough in the development of furnace filters. This gives a fifteen percent better airflow and a twenty-five percent better filtration. This 3M filter has fibers that are electro-statically charged which can be compared to magnets that attract tiny particles in the air. It boasts ability to captures ninety percent of allergens and avoids the spread of bacteria and viruses. This 3M filter also helps in reducing smoke and smog particles in the air.

furnace filterThe Trion Air Bear is also a brand of furnace filter. It is made of highly efficient synthetic material. The main feature of the Air Bear is its low resistance for HVAC systems and the very easy installation process. The Air Bear has a ten-year warranty.

The Honeywell furnace filters on the other hand help by purifying the air in homes and offices. The Honeywell filter is also made to remove allergens in the air. They can also eliminate smoke and odor. For people with allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems may do well with Honeywell filters.

Meanwhile, Carrier also provides a competitive system for air conditioning needs. The Carrier furnace filters have a wide range of furnace filters at affordable prices.

Some models just like the Lennox Pulse are available in many sizes. Lennox calls its models 'upflow', 'downfall' or 'horizontal' which correspond to the basement, attic or a room. Lennox uses a technology called 'pulse combustion'.

All of these options will do a superior job of filtering the air going into your furnace. But even the el-cheap-o filters available at your local hardware store are better than running a dirty, inefficient filter.


Furnace Filters