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Submersible Aquarium Pumps - review comparison

Aquariums are great for adding a focal point of tranquility to a home. You already knew that. But you might not know, or might not often think about thought is your aquariums pump system. The fish, water, plant life and other decor get the most focus, that's only natural - that's what you see most readily looking at the aquarium. If you're in need of a pump for your aquarium, you might consider the advantages of a submersible aquarium pump.

There are several kinds of water pumps available for aquarists, whether expert of novice. While some people prefer using an external pump, others prefer using submersible pumps because of certain advantages they give.

A submersible pump is basically a pump that is sealed hermetically so that its parts are water proof. Being resistant to water and moisture, a submersible pump can be submerged in the aquarium without getting shorted out or damaged. More industrial sized submersible pumps can be used for boats, ships, oil wells, water wells, swimming pools and other places that need to pump fluid. But for most people, the submersible pump is usually inside their aquarium where they perform the essential task of pumping water in the water tank.

Unlike external aquarium pumps, submersible pumps are situated right in the body of water. Instead of suctioning water through the inlet tube the way external pumps do, submersible aquarium pumps have no inlets where hoses or tubing can be attached. Submersible pumps are excellent for providing water movement inside the tank. They are also used for feeding protein skimmers in the aquarium. Smaller variations of submersible pumps are sometimes called powerheads.

Submersible aquarium pumps normally work with the sump of the tank’s wet or dry system of filtration. Water is drawn to the pump from the tank’s filter and then it is pushed back to the aquarium for simpler setups. More sophisticated systems push water through chillers or ultraviolet light sterilization units or other systems that are used to enhance the water condition in the aquarium.

Many aquarium owners prefer installing submersible pumps because there is no need to drill holes or setup bulkheads in the filter system. Submersible pumps are also relatively quieter than external ones since they are submerged in the water. However, this also provides a drawback, since the pump is cooled by water, it could release unwanted heat to the aquarium. Submersible pumps can also take space in the tank, leaving less room for other parts of the aquarium.

Submersible pumps can be the right option for you. If you want to know more about submersible aquarium pumps, or other kinds of pumps, it is best to consult with your local supplier.

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