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The specialists in residential and industrial pump and filter technologies. We offer this site as your informational portal to these topics and related interests.

For the causal visitor, it might be impressive to learn how filters and pumps are used in every day devices and technologies all around us that they might not have thought of. From your lawn sprinklers, swimming pool, medical applications, and aquariums. These technologies are in use in ways that sometimes are obvious to often times they might not.

Foe example, we all know what a boat propeller looks like, and how it works. It spins around and moves water causing forward motion. A propeller is actually a pump. Believe it or not, it is technically considered a pump.

Most certainly though, your arrival at this site is indicative of a more specific inquiry. Something for which you have an immediate need, either for either general or more specific information. Extensive effort and research has been devoted to the information available here at Pumps-and-Filters.com both broad and yet still as comprehensive as possible.

The topic of filter and pump technologies is indeed broad, and their use prolific. All around us there are every day implementations of these technologies that may not at first seem like obvious uses of a pump or even a filter. So prolific in fact, that it is quite probable that many examples are left untouched by this site. And for that, your input is always welcomed if you would kindly contact us.

For example, the filter in your coffee maker is an obvious example of common, every day filtering in use - separating the coarse grinds from the beverage. But consider this - how does the water you pour in, move from where it's stored to the coffee grinds? How does it know where to go and how does it get there? Well, tubing tells the water where to go, but a simple pump mechanism tells it how to move. Have you ever thought of your morning beverage machine as something that uses a pump?

There are as many techniques for pumping a material from one place to another as there are materials to be moved. Some of them obvious, and some of them not. Some that are so simple as to be brilliant! Others, so clever in their use of physics and science that they seem elegantly simple in design.

Everything from medicine, water, air, fuel, oil, and a near endless list of substances are subject to being moved from one location to another by a pump at some point or another - whether it's during manufacturing, delivery, or many points in between. Without this simple concept, do many every day items and activities become impossible.

Our years of practical experience and diligent research are made freely available to you here. It is our sincere hope that your search for information ends here. And if we've helped you learn something new, then we are grateful to you for finding us, and to all the talented people who have made this site possible.





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